Fireworks Have Already Started in Indy

The Patriots and Giants offenses will likely provide plenty of fireworks on Super Sunday in Indianapolis.  However, the fireworks have already been shot off in the city thanks to Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning and Colts owner Jim Irsay.

The back and forth between the franchise’s face and the owner is telling about the uncomfortable situation that lies ahead for both parties.  Cutting ties with a longtime star quarterback can be awkward as we saw with the Green Bay Packers several seasons ago.

The Colts though cannot continue with the status quo as we saw this season.  The franchise was too reliant on one player and did a horrible job building a strong roster from 1-53.  It is understandable why Manning feels like the building he helped build was going through massive and painful changes to him professionally and personally.  It is tough seeing people you work with for a long time get fired.

It is also understandable why Irsay is protecting the “horseshoe”  as he put it.  I don’t blame him for blowing out the front office, coach, and getting rid of franchise quarterback soon.  However, use some more tack.  Do not respond to the quarterback threw the media and you should keep it in house like you asked Manning to do.  There will be hard feelings among some Colts faithful when it comes time for Manning to either go elsewhere or into an early retirement.

The Colts are ultimately making the right call if Andrew Luck lives up to 80% of the hype. The franchises that sustain success have stability at the quarterback position.  Like the Colts have with a healthy Manning.  The AFC representative in the Super Bowl has enjoyed that as well.  The Patriots have been real bad defensively throughout the year, but are still standing thanks to Tom Brady.

Will Manning’s neck heal enough to play again?  If does what franchise could he go lead to a Super Bowl?  What team is the right fit the Jets, Redskins, Titans, or 49ers (long shot prediction)?  No one knows these answers yet.

The only thing that we do know is we are probably headed to an off-season of Brett Favre like Peyton Manning coverage.  I wonder what high school team Peyton will work out with and does he have a pickup truck to do interviews from.  All I know is Ed Werder better not have any summer vacation plans.

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