Concussion law

Head injuries are a serious problem for young athletes, especially football players.  According to the National Coalition on Youth Sport Concussion doctors treat an estimated 135,000 sports related traumatic brain injuries each year.  The numbers are simply staggering.  They should cause any parent or guardian of a student-athlete to pause.

Texas isn’t exactly known for leading the country in progressive legislation.  However, it recently bucked the trend with the passing of House Bill 2038, also known as “Natasha’s Law”.

This law requires school districts to have a concussion oversight team of medical professionals who would be trained in the evaluation, treatment and oversight of concussions. Student-athletes must be immediately removed from a practice or competition if a concussion is suspected.  Then, they must be cleared by a medical professional before they can play again.

This is long overdue legislation that places the emphasis on student athlete safety, rather than winning and losing a competition.  Healthcare decisions will no longer be made by coaches, and will be in the hands of healthcare professionals, and the athletes will greatly benefit.

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