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Roger Staubach: Discussing Concussions

Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach joins The Steve Czaban Show and talks about concussions and the NFL.

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Tony Dorsett: Dallas Cowboys Have Talent

Former NFL running back and Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett joins Hit Em Up With Geoff Ketchum to discuss the Dallas Cowboys and the affect of concussions.

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Brian Westbrook – Players Need To Be Honest

Former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook discusses the topic of concussions and says that current players have to be honest with themselves and the medical staff. Westbrook also believes Andy Reid will turn the Chiefs around in a relatively short … Continue reading

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Connor Barwin – Texans Still Rising

Texans linebacker Connor Barwin says Houston’s only loss of the year to the Packers was due to uncharacteristic mistakes. Barwin also addresses issues surrounding player safety in the NFL.

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Player Safety in the NFL

Executive Director of the POP Warner Little Scholars breaks down the latest on NFL Safety with Mark Carman and Jimmy Chavez.

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Riki Ellison: Making An Impact for At-Risk Youth

3-time Super Bowl champion Riki Ellison and John Harris talk some football & Riki breaks down what he’s up to with his Youth Impact Program.

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Jacob Bell – Recovery measures could improve in NFL

The former Rams and Titans offensive lineman explains his retirement after eight years in the NFL in the aftermath of Junior Seau’s death.

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