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Bob Ryan: Shootout In The Big D

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe joined Anthony Pepe to discuss the shootout between Denver and Dallas and all of the other action around the NFL from this weekend.

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Jonathan Vilma – We Never Quit On The Season

Jonathan Vilma, linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, discusses the overtime win over the Dallas Cowboys. He also talks about what effect the bounty gate scandal has had on the season as a whole.

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Charley Casserly – The Texans are the better team, but everything changes on the road

Charley Casserly of the NFL Network and former NFL GM discuses the Sunday night match up between the Bears and Texans. He also talks about the Sean Payton contract situation in New Orleans.

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Gus Kattengell – The Big Easy Reacts To Sean Payton’s Voided Extension

Gus Kattengell of YSR affiliate, WIST-AM in New Orleans, explains the reactions at the Big Easy with Commissioner Goodell’s latest act against the Saints by voiding Sean Payton’s extension.

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Joe Horn – Bringing Light of Confidence to Sean Payton

Former New Orleans Saints WR Joe Horn explains how Sean Payton and the Saints will litigate and fight the Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL after announcing that the NFL will void Sean Payton’s contract extension with the New Orleans … Continue reading

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Les Carpenter – Goodell Voids Sean Payton’s Contract w/ Saints

Les Carpenter of Y! Sports reacts to the breaking news of Roger Goodell voiding Sean Payton’s contract with the New Orleans Saints.

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Curtis Lofton – Filling In the Void

The New Orleans Saints ILB, Curtis Lofton, talks about the Saints slow start in their first five games, and trying to fill the leadership void without Jonathan Vilma since the preseason.

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Jason Cole – The Bright Future of Cam Newton

Jason Cole of Y! Sports discusses the what the future has in store for RG3 playing smarter, the growth of Cam Newton, and the Saints finding some light after struggling without Sean Payton!

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Mike Florio – Replacements and the Irreplaceable

Mike Florio of NBC Sports and ProFootballTalk.com talks about the need for NFL officials to get back on the field, the Saints loyalty for Sean Payton, replacing veteran QB’s with younger QB’s, and many more.

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Solomon Wilcots – Faring without Sean Payton

Solomon Wilcots of CBS Sports explains how the Saints will fare without Sean Payton for a season, and how things will play out with the arrest of Chad Johnson for domestic violence.

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